Thursday, April 22, 2010

My current favorite pics...

of all 3 of my kids! I took some new portraits of the kids this week (my own for a change!) and I think I've picked my favorite of each of them... I just wanted to post my cuties :)

Mackenzie - 5 years old

Kaitlyn - 17 months old

Emmett - 10 weeks old

Arbor & Earth Day at the Park

Lakewood park in Statesville hosted an Arbor/Earth Day celebration, and Katie & I took the kids. They gave away free trees to everyone, you could even get dogwood trees or redbuds (which is what we got), or other blooming trees. Lowe's was there letting the kids plant a sunflower seed. They had birdeed for the kids to play in like a sand/water table, which I thought was a great idea for the birds there!

There was also a small petting zoo for the kids, which Kaitlyn LOVED! Kenzie just wanted to swing, she only looked at the animals for a minute.

Hey Ian, we've seen these things before - they pooped on us in Mom's studio!

Just gimme that duck!

Ian was not so fond of the duck... or the turtle.

Kaitlyn not only wanted the rabbit, but to also poke his eye out!

Katie also showed Kaitlyn a snake, a corn snake like the one Troy has. Smart girl was a little afraid of that snake!

Kenzie made a bracelet with one of the volunteers. They went through what each color represented. The yellow was for the sun, the brown for the dirt the flowers grow in, the green for all of the grass and leaves on the trees, the red was for the flowers, and blue for the skies.

I was glad Statesville put on the festival... they've kinda slacked off on these types of events since I was a kid. I used to love going to the Dogwood Festival and the downtown craft shows with my mom and Grandma. It's good to see they are still doing some fun kid-friendly events!

Baking cookies with Kenzie

We bought some cookie dough from our friend Abbey's son, for a fundraiser his school was doing. I ordered chocolate chunk and oatmeal raisen - YUM! Kenzie said she wanted to do the chocolate ones, and I could do the oatmeal raisen... so she started forming the cookies...

Here's how they turned out (and we had a TON of them - at least 75!) The pic below only shows the first batch, there were at least 3x that many!

Thursday, April 15, 2010

Storytime at the Iredell County Public Library

Is a whole lot more fun than I'd had thought it would be!!! They opened by singing a little song with the puppets and asking the kids what sounds the puppets made (a bee, a dog and a pig). Then she went into a few songs - Bringing Home a baby bumblebee, Itsy Bitsy Spider, Wheels on the bus. They read 4 books, all about different bugs. Each month they have a different theme - and this month is spring and bugs/rain. I think they said May will be about flowers.

The girls and Ian had a blast and I think even Katie & I enjoyed ourself. Emmett didn't seem to mind, he slept through all of it :)

Then we went upstairs and Kenzie got her very first library card! She was SO proud, but she keeps calling it her credit card LOL. She checked out Scrambled Eggs by Dr. Suess - which we plan to read this evening. I think she's even more excited that she gets to turn it in and get another book soon!

I definitely hope to take them to storytime again next week! Its a bit of a juggle with 3, getting in and out of there, but it was well worth it!

For those interested, it's every Thursday & Friday at 10am (same stories both days, so you just pick one day) and this is for the younger children, but older ones can come with their siblings.

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Oldies but goodies

Over the past two weeks or so, when Kenzie's asked me to watch a movie while Kait naps, I've been trying to introduce her to some new ones. Ones that I liked as a child, but she's never seen - especially since we have WAY too many DVDs in this house!
So first I tried Mary Poppins. It was such a hit, that I had to let her watch it two times before I convinced her to move on to another movie! Second we tried Swiss Family Robinson... what's wrong with this movie? She didn't care about it, though I used to love it. I think maybe she's still too young for it - after all, she just turned 5. Maybe by 7 or 8? Then I was going to let her try out the original Parent Trap next, but what do you know? It was on tv this past weekend and I turned it on. She paid more attention to it than she had Swiss Family, but not as much as Mary Poppins.

So it's back to Mary today, and as I type she's playing and singing "It's a jolly-olly day with Mary..." :) Which to let her watch next....

Blog Title

So I had a hard time coming up with a title for my blog, but all I could think was "do I really have time to blog - we stay SO busy as it is!!" But I've always wanted to have a blog. So... it's a busy life, but I love it! I wonder if we could accomplish everything we do with just one kid, but yet we're trying to do it with 3 instead! So my house may be a mess, or cluttered at best, but at least the laundry is done and the kids are fed. Just as long as you can ignore the crumbs on the couch where Kait had her last snack LOL.